Novelty Treatment Methods

Telephone counselling facility

How trustworthy is our telephonic counselling :

Since the very first day our psychologist is instrumental in counseling the psychological problem over the phone. In today’s date we have many success stories to our kitties. With our telephonic counseling methods we have solved numerous psychological problems of our patients. Yes our success story will flourish in the days to come. How to access our telephonic counselling service: In order to access our awesome telephonic counselling service, all you need to do is to give a call to us and fix an appointment. For more details regarding fees structure, counselling slot booking and time of counselling, please feel free to talk to us.

Here at Sri Ram Psychological Counseling Centre, we understand the real problem of our patients. Hence we have come up with an innovative idea of telephonic counseling for all our patients, where they can have 03hassles counseling with our renowned psychologist Dr. Sri Ram Krishna is the man behind this magical concept and still from the day of the inception of this concept numerous patients have adopted the telephonic counseling method. With every coming day more and more patients are tilting towards telephonic counseling method for all type of psychological problem.

Why should you opt for telephonic counseling from Sri Ram Psychological Counseling Centre?

Irrespective of the time and place, the patient can have a word with the psychologist and can get rid of the psychological problem.

Skype counseling or online counseling facility

How to access the Skype counselling:

Again and again here we would like to retreat that at Sri Ram Psychological Counseling Centre we will counsel for all type of psychological disorder. Clients coming here can avail the phenomenal counseling of our famous psychologist Dr. Sri Rama Krishna.

In Skype counseling, clients have to register with us and the client will be given a set of user id and password for Skype login. From their own ID clients can have an appointment and counseling with our psychologist. Yes, for more detail about the fees structure and process please feel free to talk to us and we will love to hear you.

Yes it is the time for internet and you can manage your whole task from the internet. If you can manage the whole task, why not the health as well. Here in Sri Rameedoc-4m Psychological Counseling Centre we have taken this aspect seriously and our psychologist has developed a mode of counseling to all our clients which is very effective and useful as well. The mode of counseling is nothing but the Skype counseling or in sort it can be termed as the one stop solution for all sort of psychological cancelling.

The myth Skype counseling:

Though the concept of Skype counseling is new to many but trust me, once you have adopted the Skype counseling you will fall in love with it. Sri Ram psychotherapy is offering the service of Skype counseling to all its clients, where our psychologist will counsel the client for all sort of psychological disorder.

Why Skype counseling:

After coming across the above mentioned fact, one question must be striking to your mind that what is the necessary of Skype counseling.

Home visiting facility

How to avail the home visit service:

Here we would like to mention that our psychologist has a very busy schedule, hence if you want to book the appointment of our psychologist for the home visit you have to book well in advance. Yes at the same time we would also like to remind you that our psychologist can give a home visit only in the city of Vijayawada. In order to have more detail about the home visit service, fees structure and procedure, please do give a call to us and we will be happy to address your entire psychological problem.

Once our psychologist visits to your home we can assure you a peaceful life ahead.

Being a leading house of psychological counseling, here at Sri Ram Psychological Counseling Centre we always believes and provide patients friendly service. And now we have gone one step forward to provide the home visit service to all our patients. Our acclaimed psychologist will visit to the home of the patients to provide the necessary psychological counseling. There has been a huge demand and enthusiasm among the patie nts for the service of home visit and more and more patients are feeling comfortable with this method

Why home visit service?

Yes, a question must be striking to your mind that what is the necessity of home visit service. But we have understood the root cause and hence we have developed this method of counseling. There are m any patients who hesitate to come to the clinic to have counseling with the psychologist and this service has been designed exclusively for this kind of patients.

There exist another group of patients who are very reluctant to come to the clinic due to their social status. Hence for these high profile patients the home visit service suits most. Where there is no threat to their social status.

In addition to the above, another group of patients are very serious and unable to move. Hence in order to provide the necessary counseling our renowned psychologist Dr. Sri Rama Krishna has came up with the innovative idea of home visit. Where he will visit to your home and he will provide the necessary counseling for all type of psychological disorder. However, here we would like to remind all our patients that the service of home visit is accessible to patients staying in Vijayawada or in the periphery of Vijayawada. Patients can avail the home visit psychological counseling service only in this geographical area.

E-mail therapy facility

lot has been spoken about online counseling and telephonic counseling. However due to the lack and shortage of time there are certainly a group of people for whom online counseling and telephonic counseling is not effective. But here at Sri Ram Psychological Counseling Centre we have understood their problem and hence we have come up with an idea of E mail therapy. Though email therapy is absolutely a new concept in the field of psychological counseling but in the future days it will be a preferred mode of counseling. The whole credit for the concept of email therapy should go to our eminent psychologist Dr. Sri Rama Krishna.

How does email therapy work:

Yes, we understand that our clients do not have enough time to have a hour long counseling with our psychologist. Hence Dr. Sri Rama Krishna our psychologist has developed the email therapy, where our clients will get the necessary solution to all touching keyboardsorts of psychological disorder. We have designed our email therapy portal in such a way that clients will be able to present their psychological disorder in detail. As soon as we receive any email from our clients our psychologist will attend to the query immediately and we will make sure the psychological disorder will be solved with the least possible time. Yes, prior to answer any email of our client, we make sure that we have gone through the problem of the client in detail and the accordingly we will give solution.

What clients need to do to make the most use of our exemplary email therapy service?

Any of our clients having any sorts of psychological disorder, we will suggest them to avail our email therapy service. All they need to do is to put their concern and query in our email therapy service. We have a dedicated portal for email therapy service. Clients have to submit their query there and wait for the reply of our psychologist. We will make sure that we will revert back to your query with foolproof solution with the least possible time. Still if are having any query or any trouble please feel free to talk to our psychologist. We will be happy to address your issue.